19 May 2016

Not-so-daily paintings

So much for the concept of "daily paintings" - I did not make a painting yesterday.  Falling off the wagon only 2 days into it!  My excuse: between working at the store and in the garden, I ran out of time and energy.  Boooo.  But yesterday I did notice my neighbour's garbage & recycling bins and thought, "There's my next painting subject!"

Painting #3: May 19, 2016, morning

Despite heavy overcast this morning, out I went.  Set up my gear under the spruce tree and worked for almost an hour before it began to drizzle.  Once the rain started I finished up in a hurry.

the view

the palette

the painting
oil painting of garbage & recycling bins in front of a wood fence
finished on (wet) location
photographed in (dry) studio
Loving the palette of this one; the composition, not so much.  I placed the bins closer together on purpose, but then I missed some vital bits of alignment between them and wound up with an amateurish painting.  C'est la vie; next one better.

Painting #4: May 19, 2016, evening

Two paintings today, to make up for yesterday.  The studio is very cozy when it's raining out!  A quick self-portrait with leftover paint from this morning.

self-portrait oil on paper verna vogel
underpainting made with just one 1" brush

self portrait oil on paper verna vogel
finished portrait

Boy, that underpainting sure had a lot of life in it!  I really like the expression, sort of curious and open.  The finished self-portrait is good too, but I wonder... which one could be said to be more accurate?


Barbara Muir said...

I have one painting of my dog Zoey (long gone), and
there are bins behind her. Love what you do. And
the guilt that drove you to catch up! The figment artist driver, cracking the whip! Produce, produce, produce! And you did. Awesome. I love both the bins and the portrait, and the idea of a yellow underpainting.

All fantastic. You inspire me.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara :) the feeling is mutual