29 August 2016

Alberta landscape # 94

My husband has taken his work holidays, during which time we take a few local road trips.  Of course we bring our painting kits with us!  Here's one I did on the hills above Drumheller a couple of weeks ago.

verna vogel painting landscapes on location
the view

view above Drumheller, AB.  Painting landscapes en plein air.  Alberta Landscape #94
the painting

Verna vogel - my perch to paint on location, Alberta Landscape #94
the perch

I had thought about painting with earths mixed with oil medium, but then the colours were so lovely, I did not want to do a monotone version.  

The clouds were so lovely, I wish I could've conveyed them better, but oh well.  It was the first time I ever perched on the roof of our vehicle in order to get a better view... and it may not be the last time!  


Barbara Muir said...

Wow! You have done a perfect job, and I've been attracted to almost the same landscape in
Nova Scotia. You do inspire me.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you and likewise!