29 August 2016

paperwork and studio work

This morning I awoke at 4:30am, feeling fully rested and ready for the day.  This is not usual.  But what can we do, we have to listen to our bodies.  So I got up and made the previous blog post, then read for awhile, and when I noticed the sky lightening I went outdoors.  What lovely fresh air before all the city engines gear up!

Looking east and west from our backyard.

I spent most of this day doing paperwork and organizing image files and writing letters.  Finally by late afternoon I got out for a walk, and then into the studio for a couple of hours.  Many thanks to my lovely husband who took care of dinner for us!

In the studio I made faux-chine-colle prints.  Faux: because I did not paste the paper and pull the print in one fell swoop.  No, I pasted the papers many days ago, and just today printed over them in a whole separate endeavour.  My plates are not flat, and the resulting uneven pressure does not work very well for adhering the papers during printing.  It could work if I had a press, but I have no press nor space for one.  C'est la vie.

"Faux-chine-colle": say it quickly and it rolls off the tongue really well!  *laughs*

faux chine-colle

Visualizing how the printed image would look over the various shapes of collaged papers was a challenge for me.  Some turned out more interesting than others, but on the whole I like them a lot.  I can see much potential for exploration based on this simple technique of collage + print.  

Will I have enough lifetime to explore everything I want to in my studio?  Perhaps not.  But I keep notes, just in case.

faux chine-colle

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