02 February 2017

papers and patterns

The art store where I work part-time has a paper sale this month.  I love decorative papers, and there are some really gorgeous new ones so of course I had to buy a few sheets yesterday.  

Paper is like fabric, to me: beautiful + tactile = irresistible!

patterns decorative papers at Inglewood Art Supplies, Calgary AB Canada

There are often pockets of time for creative pursuits at the store, so some days I bring a sketchbook and do portraits.  Yesterday I began with paper collage and then made portraits on top with paint markers.

patterns decorative paper collage with paint marker portrait drawing on top verna vogel

Above: I like the combined patterns and colours of the papers, but not sure how I like the drawing on top.  Well, I'll call that one a "study"  *laughs*

Below: The drawing is more to my liking, and integrated better with the collaged paper too.

decorative paper patterns at Inglewood Art Supplies, Calgary, AB Canada

Above: Portrait of CP which I made today.  I like this one a lot.  CP's face has a very interesting pattern.  Can you see how the shape of her eyebrows relate to the shape of her mouth and hairline, how the fall of her hair is echoed in her nose and chin shapes?

While I drew, we were talking about patterns, and how pattern recognition can help you to draw basically anything.  In order to recognize patterns, you must continually observe them in the world.  Forget what you think things look like - your mind's paradigms are just that - and observe the actual patterns before you.  It does not take long to realize that everything you see is made up of patterns; that the whole world is composed of observable and inter-connected relationships.

Pattern observation in the visual world has become a joyful exercise for me.  It makes my eyes happy, and then I am never bored no matter where I am or how long I must wait there.

decorative papers, portrait, patterns

Above: photo I took out the window of the city bus this morning.

Patterns on paper, patterns in faces, patterns on the street... they are everywhere.


Barbara Muir said...

Love this, and love all of the drawings, even the ones you think don't work.
Realizing patterns is so liberating. You are right. Once your realize that you
can draw just about anything I think. That's what I'm telling myself right now.
Nothing turns out anything like I'm expecting, but I still like it. Do you ever
wonder who is that artist in there? By the way, I took similar photos to
your picture from the bus in New York last year and was thinking about you
and pattern! It is a small world.


Verna Vogel said...

Hi Barbara,

Yeah, wondering who is that artist in there... when I was in art school, I came into the understanding that it's not me making the art, I'm just a conduit for, well, who knows what it is exactly. Call it The Great Universal Creative Energy, which is flavoured by the conduits it passes through but never dictated by them, haha.

Thanks for your comments on my work. I'd love to see your photos of NY sometime, maybe post a couple on your blog? I do love urban detail/pattern stuff!