09 February 2017

this is my brain on art

the creative brain art school sculpture

Back when I was in art school, we were given an assignment to make "an artist's toolbox".  After some consideration, I decided there was no definitive artist's toolbox outside the artist's own mind, so I made "The Creative Brain".

It is made of coloured wires, xmas lights, a small container filled with water and an aquarium aerator.  Back then I called it The Creative Brain, and I still do... but in my growing maturity as an artist, I realize there's some heart and soul in the thing as well.

A brain hums, a heart pumps, and a soul casts light, n'est pas?


Barbara Muir said...

You are a wonder -- and clearly always have been. Yes the heart is vital to making art. Your heart's got to be in it. Love this and love your brilliant words.


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you Barbara! Yes, the heart has got to be in it - and this is your month of love, full of heart! I love the images and words you've been posting over on your blog as well.