23 February 2017

The Persistence of Vision

collector's gallery of art the persistence of vision

"The Persistence of Vision"...  it's the title of an upcoming exhibition that my work will be shown in.  Here's a press release about it.

"The Persistence of Vision"... it's about the persistence of human beings to be part of the connected thread of human creativity that runs under everything, regardless of the pressures of the world, and also because of those pressures.

It's also about my own life as an artist: knowing I am on the right track, knowing it from the inside out, knowing that I can find and exercise my voice if I stay the path.  I have discovered that in order to be an artist, I need a lot of sheer dogged stubborn refusal to succumb to all the noise that I myself generate simply by being in this world.  Sometimes it amazes me that I manage it at all.  

But then, look: I was invited to join a group of very diverse artists, all of whom know about persistence.  And now we are having an exhibition of our work.

"The Persistence of Vision"... it does pay off, sooner or later.


pdcrumbaker said...

This post couldn't have come at a better time! I love it.

Barbara Muir said...

This sounds amazing. I wish I could see the show. You are amazing, and I'm delighted that you've found a group of people who think/work like you!

Love your work.


Verna Vogel said...

Hi, thank you both for your responses.

P.D., I'm glad this came at a good time for you! :)

Barbara, I wish you could be there too!


PDCrumbaker said...

Oh! I wish I could be there to wander through this exhibit and savour everything! It looks fantastic.

Verna Vogel said...

Hi P.D. I think you might be commenting on the Fragile Plants exhibition?

Anyway, thank you and I wish you could be here too! Not only to see my work but to have a chat in real life, over a cuppa tea :)