07 January 2018

begin and end and begin again

In the last few years it seems I have begun a lot of work but not finished very much.  I've been following a winding path, keeping more-or-less to the same direction while exploring a lot of side roads.

Now, from a vantage point further down the path, I look back at my unfinished explorations and decide to revisit some of them. 

oil studies circle paintings in bright colours

The little studies above, for example.  I began 11 such studies last summer, and set them aside after just 2-3 paint layers.  Digging them out now and working them over is very satisfying.

When I worked on Tension : No Tension at the turn of the year, I did not think I was finished with it yet.  But a few very articulate visitors over the last week have mentioned how complete it feels to them now, and this has given me pause.

So, I begin this year in the studio, with an eye to bringing some past work full circle.  Feels about right.



pdcrumbaker said...

Love the color and movement of these pieces.

Wish I could take a walk through the Tension exhibit!


Verna Vogel said...

Thank you. Perhaps one day the time & place will be right for you to experience my art in person. Until then, I appreciate your responses to my blog posts!