21 January 2018

Finishings, or Leavings

Unsure whether a painting is finished?  Just leave it for the time being.

I began this year by working some of the oil studies from last summer.   When I was feeling unsure about any of them, I said, "good enough" and moved on to the next one.

vernavogel studio oil studies finishings augury series or leavings
Finishings: Augury studies, oil on canvas

Then I pulled out some of the paintings which I began last January.  A whole year has passed since I was able to focus on this body of work.  What a great feeling to get into them again!  I'm calling these finished....  for now.

vernavogel oil painting finishings "all that piano" augury series no.7 or leavings
"All That Piano"  oil on canvas  17x18.5"

vernavogel oil painting finishings "downstreet" augury no.8 or leavings
"Downstreet" oil on canvas  17x18.5"

vernavogel oil painting finishings "forms of composite composure" augury series no.6 or leavings
"Forms of Composite Composure" oil on canvas  17x18.5"

vernavogel oil paintings finishings or leavings augury series
Leavings: a few of the "Augury" paintings in my studio

Yesterday I was able to spend almost 8 hours in my studio without interruption.  What luxury!  Making studio time a priority this year was a good decision, and I feel so very fortunate that I'm able to do this.

I hope your year is off to a good start too, dear Reader.


Bobbi Clackson-Walker said...

This is a beautiful body of work, Verna. The colour relationships are magnificent and each bold shape possesses such a soft transitional edge that blends seamlessly into the shape next to it. I am inspired!

Verna Vogel said...

Thank you very much Bobbi! I am so glad you are feeling inspired :)

Barbara Muir said...

Love the work, and the idea is so good. Leave it. I am working on work that
needed some time to think about itself. So lovely how the mind moves forward, and what seemed hard, is easy now.

Love the post and the work. You so rock!


Verna Vogel said...

Barbara, you sure have a way with words! What you wrote is just bang-on. "...work that needed some time to think about itself" Yes indeed.

Thanks for the comment, and enjoy your painting work!