18 May 2013


The photos and videos from the opening of my exhibition Tintinnabulation have arrived!  They were done by Michelle at Rainika Photographic, who did an excellent job of documenting the event.

Hmm, there's an "error" message when I try to upload the video here, so I have put it on youtube.  Here is the link.

And here are a few of my favourite photos:

kind of a shell-like effect, don't you think?
with Rob and Sanja
Rob is the owner of Axis and a great person whom I have enjoyed working with for quite a few years now.  Sanja is a wonderful photographer and co-publisher of Seities magazine.

with Amy
Amy is also an artist, here is Amy's website.

with Melanie and Frances
More artist friends!  Melanie's website and Frances' website.

Michelle also took some photos using pinhole cameras, which she set up in various locations in the gallery during the opening.  You can see two of the pinhole cameras perched on top of the wall:
with Marlene
Marlene is, among other things, a photographer and teacher.  Marlene's website.

with John, my greatest love and support
Yes, my husband is an artist too - I'm surrounded!  :)  You can find John's work here.

And below are a couple of photos taken with those pinhole cameras:

inside the gallery
Rob's desk
The pinhole photos were taken while people were moving around the gallery.  The exposures were about an hour long, so the movement of the people is evident only in the  blurred areas of the photos.  Personally I love this ghostly effect.

thank you so much, Michelle!

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