23 May 2013


One of my galleries is closing.  
The owner has been in the art business for many years and now needs to make a life change.  I'm very happy for him, he is excited to embark on a new path, one that will enhance his life with his partner and fulfil some other long-cherished dreams.  

So what happens in my own career now?  Do I run out immediately and look for a new gallery to replace the one that is leaving?  Do I intensify the self-promotion: sell my own work through my website, take on more commissions?

... or do I do what I usually do when things are in an upheaval around me: Wait.  
Stay grateful, keep my eyes and ears open, continue reaching for excellence in my work - and if an opportunity comes my way, I will be ready not only with the work, but with a calm and relaxed demeanour.  

It's something about roots, about strength and fragility.
Painting is how I make my living but also how I make my life.

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