30 May 2013

slow process

The vast and various world of photography beyond digital cameras is becoming more and more intriguing to me.  For example lomography.  Never heard of that, but here is a lomography class which will be taught by Tekoa of Rainika Photographik.  
What I love most, though, is the old cameras with their slow processes.

Here Tekoa used a Russian camera of the type which can use glass or paper plates.  It took several minutes to set up, meter the light, adjust the focus, et cetera.  The exposure was relatively fast at about one second, but I had time to sit and observe the set-up process, get comfortable and relax before the shutter clicked.

There is such beauty in old-school photographic techniques, back and foregrounds blurred in a shallow focus field, contrast heightened so that a white shirt becomes a bright flat shape.  These photos have a kind of dreamlike quality which really appeals to me.

I love the gravity and dignity of slow processes.

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