11 September 2012

free and clear

There they are, my paintings all wrapped up and ready to go out the door and into Bill's truck and off to Edmonton for my show.

I love the process of wrapping up my paintings prior to shipping them out, it's a really calming ritual for me as many months of hard work come to closure.  Making paintings is a performance: lots of behind-the-scenes study and doing and undoing and reworking and shifting things around... and then the curtain opens, so to speak, and it is what it is, and hopefully the work broadens emotions and ideas as it entertains.

Clear empty space...  ahhh....  with rainbows on the walls!
Atmospheric out-of-focus, hehee.

Apparently spider plants, besides being general air cleaners, are specifically good at removing formaldehyde from local atmospheres.
This is happy news for acrylic painters.

Almost all acrylic paints contain formaldehyde in tiny amounts, but because the paint dries so fast it is not much of an issue for the most part.  However, when applying glazes over large areas the potential toxicity is something to be aware of.  I wear a mask now when doing all-over large glazes, because it would be a real pity if I developed sensitivities to this medium as well as the oils!!!  

And now I have two spider plants, which help keep the air clean and also make the studio more cosy.

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