06 September 2012

if at first you don't succeed ....

... try, try again!  

Old, unfinished oil painting removed from stretcher (and cut into pieces that may be used for another project somewhere down the road).

Stretcher then re-used - does this look familiar?  I will not, I will NOT overwork it this time!! haha  The good part is I've had some time to think about my approach and how subsequent colours might be layered for some nice effects.

This is actually very interesting because I don't think I've ever tried to repeat a painting to quite this extent.  A few years ago I would've shuddered at the thought.  

Ah, but this is not exactly repeating myself, is it?  It's almost-repeating a beginning that went awry in the first attempt, and I do think the idea is worth another try.  My internal excitement-o-meter is happily humming with visions of how this one might turn out if I work thoughtfully.  That's always a good sign.

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