18 September 2012

plein air-a-lot

Went out painting a few days ago and forgot my camera, so there are only these photos to show, taken this morning in the studio.

First canvas - I was really trying to keep things loose, apply the paint thinly and not overwork.

Second canvas - the paint gets a bit thicker here, and I'm not sure I like the composition.  Foreground handling is throwing me off.

Third - my favourite of the day.  Paint applied well, good colour and placement of land/sky.

Yesterday my plein-air buddy and I went out again and I remembered my camera but forgot my brushes!  Oh no.  We found a lovely view, and she lent me two old watercolour brushes...

the lovely view

An exercise in frustration: applying oil paint with watercolour brushes, which are too soft and too long and the wrong shape entirely!  I don't hate the resulting painting, but I sure don't love it either.

I was ready to give up when sudden inspiration hit and I wrapped the lower part of the brushes with masking tape.  The shortened bristles were just a bit stiffer and just a bit easier to work with...

the second lovely view

The second painting, made with the altered brushes.  A much improved experience.

One very cool thing about all this is that I learned I can make a painting with only two brushes.  Hmmm... I have been carrying 15-20 brushes when I go out, but I think my field painting kit is going to be streamlined!


David Janzen said...

I really like the way you paint!

vogel said...

thank you David - are you an artist, do you have a blog or website?