23 September 2012

going mobile

It won't go fast, but it will go far!

view #1
up close in the woods: a challenging location for me

this is more-or-less what I was going for

the set-up

the palette - white not shown

the result

Turned out to be too difficult for the likes of me, so I wiped the canvas and re-painted, allowing it to become very abstract.  So close, hard not to itty-bit the details of leaves, tree trunks, grasses.  Pity I didn't photograph before wiping, it was a really bad painting, haha!

So I got myself out of the woods and up a small hill, where things were more open...
view #2

palette #2

result #2

I don't much like either of these paintings, but it was a gorgeous day and fun to try out my new and improved bicycle-mobile painting kit!

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