27 September 2012

trust in your heart

Two new canvases stitched and stretched.  I'm using the same format to experiment with colour and technique.

Begin with a very watery colour mix on the raw canvas.
Let it sit 15-30 minutes.
Draw into the colour with a brush dipped in clear water.  
This takes out some of the pigment, leaving lighter, slightly blurred, not entirely under control drawing.  I like this effect, and will try doing this in multiple layers.

The prism in my window...

...throws rainbows everywhere!
Wrapping my work for shipping is more fun with bits of rainbows on the plain brown paper.  These are going out to a specific client, hope they will like one or maybe more!  It has, again, been a long time since I had a cheque, and I must trust in my heart which says "do what you love and the rest will follow".

a couple of spontaneous studio compositions

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