29 May 2006

25 canvasses ready for my 30 days...

Each canvas measures 27 x 27cm.
You can see that 4 of them have been gesso'd already. I meant to photograph them before I began with the gesso, but in my eagerness I forgot.

Someone recently told me that they like the way my sewn canvasses look just the way they are, that I shouldn't paint them. And funnily enough I have been thinking the same thing.
However, these are slated for painting experiments on 30dayartist in June, and I mean to see that through.
Later perhaps I will make more & leave them raw...

15 May 2006

fun with photoshop

Just playing around & liked the way the colours came out here...

a possible composition

Just got back from stretching canvasses at the studio - kinda liking these 3 together... tomorrow evening after work I will apply the gel medium, and if it dries quickly enough I'll be able to apply the first coat of gesso too.
Each canvas is 27cm square.

monday, may 15 2006

I am going to be on 30dayartist for the month of June. These are some of the canvasses I have been preparing for the event. The little dark rectangle you see is a piece of ribbed corduroy fabric - it will give an interesting bit of texture when I begin painting.

After they are sewn, I will stretch them, apply a layer of gel medium to seal the seams, then apply 3 coats of gesso before ever I begin painting. It's a laborious process, but I like the results enough to make it worthwhile for me! (Hopefully also the viewers of my work on 30day will think so too.)

And this is my old and beloved sewing machine...
I love this machine because it is indestructable. It has moved from Ontario to BC & then to Alberta in the backs of U-Haul trucks, over hill and vale, prairies and mountains, through rain & snowstorms & sunny weather. Boxes have fallen on it. Some of the lovely fake 50's veneer has peeled off the cabinetry. Once long ago it fell down a flight of stairs - all the way down, from the very top step to the bottom - and it still works. Amazing, huh? I love this machine...

I've made much of my own clothing with it, and I've made clothing & done alterations for others. I made my mom a lovely black velvet handbag with beaded fringe, and my sister an embroidered denim handbag abounding with pockets obvious & hidden, with this machine.

Now I have begun to sew canvas. It's an interesting melding of passions for me - sewing & painting. It's fun.

14 May 2006