25 February 2009

where to from here



oil on stitched canvas
23 x 40"

...finished? perhaps...

edit - added a bit more yellow & red:

24 February 2009

from here to where

from here:

to there:

Yesterday wanted to be in the studio all day but life intervened... then after dinner just went in for a couple of hours & voila, good work. Not sure it's entirely finished, but now very close.

edit - small further changes:

18 February 2009

busy bee!

A very good studio day today.

First C came to the studio with her cello and I did some quick sketches:

and a rather awkward painted portrait:

china marker & oil on canvas
20 x 20"

Then I worked on this city a bit, it's getting quite close I think:

And then with some leftover green I did this, just as easy as pie:

"Beyond The Violet Rays"

oil on stitched canvas
24 x 24"

I love it when a painting finishes up seemingly effortlessly. This one has been languishing for some time, then yesterday I put on the light purple sky, today a bit of dark red and that green and it just feels like a great big "whoosh" with a smile.

11 February 2009

and another

red & black china marker, yellow oil paint and clear oil medium on canvas
approx. 12x18"

10 February 2009

real live portraits!

the portraits I did of M. during our 3-day exchange, appearing in the order they were made:

oil on canvas, 16x16"

oil on canvas, 13x14"

pen and acrylic ink on matboard, 14x18" approx.
this one was made while we simultaneously drew each other

photoshop'd a little

china marker and oil paint on panel, 20x20"

china marker and oil medium on paper, 20x24" approx.

this last one - it is not as pretty as the others, but there is something about the technique that interests me, the way the medium dissolves the drawn lines, taking the thing somewhere between drawing and painting...
wonder how it would look on canvas?

06 February 2009


My co-worker wanted to do an extended figure painting, and I have become increasingly interested in doing portraits again, so we agreed to do a posing/painting exchange.

For this project we used the Untitled Arts Society gallery space, which has a "bare walls" open time between scheduled exhibitions. Artists can apply to use the space during these between times to work on individual or group projects. This creates a more dynamic community gallery feeling, and reduces the amount of bare wall space in between exhibitions!

3 days of this was very intense and exhausting! But the results were worth it:


Into The Light

oil on stitched canvas
25 x 46"

A Day in the City #8

oil on stitched canvas
19 x 20"


oil on stitched canvas
29 x 31"

05 February 2009

think I got something here that was lost when I worked over it.