25 January 2009

new beginnings

and some interesting words I found in the dictionary:

CATACOMB - a series of underground galleries and chambers with recesses for burying the dead.
CATALEPSY - a condition in which the patient maintains his limbs in any position in which they are placed.
CATALOGUE - a complete list of articles, e.g. library books, pictures, museum exhibits, or goods for sale, usually in alphabetical order, or under special headings, and often with descriptions of the articles.
CATALYST - a substance that alters the rate of a chemical reaction and is itself unchanged by the process.
CATAPLEXY - a condition of transient immobility without loss of conciousness as a result of shock etc.
CATAPULT - a machine for hurling stones etc., worked by a lever.
CATASTASIS - the part of a tragedy when the action is heightened to its climax, following the epistasis and just before the catastrophe.
CATATONIA - a set of symptoms involving muscular rigidity and mental stupor, with alternating excitement and confusion, most often found in schizophrenia.
CATCH-PHRASE - a striking phrase intended to arrest attention, usually often repeated (e.g. in publicity or political propoganda)

all those "cat" words... rather dark meanings when considered from a certain perspective.

15 January 2009

2 new starts

25 x 39" and 24 x 24"

Trying to paint with acrylics... it's a struggle but today I am feeling hopeful.
Stay tuned for further progress on these!

13 January 2009

Heaven and Earth

oil on 3 stitched canvases
72 x 30"

A few little things

These are not finished, but I'm posting pics anyway.

I've been trying to make glazes without using the evil toxic alkyd medium which has been giving me headaches lately.
Linseed oil with a bit of odorless mineral spirit for increased flow - still toxic, but pretty mild compared to the alkyds. Takes a long time to dry, though,even when very thinly applied. This is a definite drawback.

Found some paper which gives a nice texture. These are my "minimalist" paintings, haha: colour field with texture.

11 January 2009

01 January 2009

blue sky smilin' on me

oil on stitched canvas
22 x 68"

Probaably not finished yet.... but getting close!