11 February 2007

Northern Lights

oil on 3 canvasses
total 120 x 51cm including spaces between

Green Rain

My love affair with bright colours continues...

oil on 3 canvasses
44 x 40cm each - total 150 x 40cm including spaces between

The idea here was to sew the canvas minimally to create fields & fence, then create sky effects with paint only. Really like the undiluted vermillion colour on the fence.

the middle canvas - subtle colours more obvious in this photo
(top photo is a bit dark compared to actual paintings)

The Yellow Prairie

A ground view just outside my apt building - you can gauge the cold by how big the plumes of steam are - here about -17C
Brrrrrrrr! But pretty to look at.

I've been thinking of long summer evenings:

Part of the fun of making paintings is that I can create whatever environment I wish in the painting!

oil on 3 canvasses
they're about 50 x 120cm, including spaces between