17 September 2010

up to here

First, I want to say that I'm having a show next month at AXIS gallery here in Calgary. Check out the "october 2010 exhibition" at the top of the sidebar for details.

Now on to the recent studio work.
One finished:

Every Small Thing
oil on stitched canvas
35w x 37h

And a whole whack of stuff in progress:


All We Need

Forget Time And Death

And here is a piece that has been reworked many, many, many times! I think this is it, now. No more reworking. It is what it is:

Heaven And Earth
oil on stitched canvas
3 @ 24w x 30h each

13 September 2010

More goes on every minute

what I did in the studio today:


photo is too purple but

not bad in a frame
these are 12x16 each
not sure if they're finished, maybe a few tweaks?

and what I saw on my way home:

once and for all

That's it, they're finished. No more dickering about!


oil on stitched canvas
47w x 28h


Drifting In
oil on stitched canvas
72w x 42h

12 September 2010

Artists For Life

and there I am with the t-shirt I painted. They raised over $5000.oo to support people living with Aids, and I'm glad to have helped!

04 September 2010


Back to the black & white ink paintings. Added white ink and some drawing with black pen to these.

While I was working on those, I painted a t-shirt for a fundraiser for AIDS:

it's a really big t-shirt!

And with the leftover ink I started a few new ink paintings on rice paper. I'd like to have 10 or 15 of them finished for my October show.