29 August 2016

paperwork and studio work

This morning I awoke at 4:30am, feeling fully rested and ready for the day.  This is not usual.  But what can we do, we have to listen to our bodies.  So I got up and made the previous blog post, then read for awhile, and when I noticed the sky lightening I went outdoors.  What lovely fresh air before all the city engines gear up!

Looking east and west from our backyard.

I spent most of this day doing paperwork and organizing image files and writing letters.  Finally by late afternoon I got out for a walk, and then into the studio for a couple of hours.  Many thanks to my lovely husband who took care of dinner for us!

In the studio I made faux-chine-colle prints.  Faux: because I did not paste the paper and pull the print in one fell swoop.  No, I pasted the papers many days ago, and just today printed over them in a whole separate endeavour.  My plates are not flat, and the resulting uneven pressure does not work very well for adhering the papers during printing.  It could work if I had a press, but I have no press nor space for one.  C'est la vie.

"Faux-chine-colle": say it quickly and it rolls off the tongue really well!  *laughs*

faux chine-colle

Visualizing how the printed image would look over the various shapes of collaged papers was a challenge for me.  Some turned out more interesting than others, but on the whole I like them a lot.  I can see much potential for exploration based on this simple technique of collage + print.  

Will I have enough lifetime to explore everything I want to in my studio?  Perhaps not.  But I keep notes, just in case.

faux chine-colle

Alberta landscape # 94

My husband has taken his work holidays, during which time we take a few local road trips.  Of course we bring our painting kits with us!  Here's one I did on the hills above Drumheller a couple of weeks ago.

verna vogel painting landscapes on location
the view

view above Drumheller, AB.  Painting landscapes en plein air.  Alberta Landscape #94
the painting

Verna vogel - my perch to paint on location, Alberta Landscape #94
the perch

I had thought about painting with earths mixed with oil medium, but then the colours were so lovely, I did not want to do a monotone version.  

The clouds were so lovely, I wish I could've conveyed them better, but oh well.  It was the first time I ever perched on the roof of our vehicle in order to get a better view... and it may not be the last time!  

15 August 2016

a deep joy

Among all the art forms, printmaking is unique.  It's very repetitive but then no two prints are exactly alike.  Creating beauty in this way is so calming, so meditative... a deep joy.  I am so happy to have taken it up again.  In the midst of this crazy old world, it's a very good tonic.

Today I pulled the last print in a series of 5 books I've been working on.  The books themselves are purchased - I've been printing on the pages, using collagraph plates and black ink.

hand printed books

verna vogel printmaking

collagraph plates used in my hand printed books

I think I am now a bit more proficient at printmaking, and the finished books have some appeal despite their imperfections.  The plates after use are, as always, very beautiful.

Yesterday I rolled a leaf and printed it!  Nice discovery.

maple leaf print

I have also discovered Nori Paste.  It is truly awesome for glueing delicate papers.

preparing the papers

Cleaning up my image files this evening, I came across two drawings made last month during a visit to the Heritage Weavers and Spinners Guild studio at Artpoint.

Heritage weavers and spinners guild

heritage weavers and spinners guild

Looms are very beautiful and intriguing machines, and fibre artists are beautiful and intriguing people.  

Until next time,