28 September 2017

mural 2

Yesterday we performed structural and cosmetic surgery on the mural.

vernavogel mural at cSPACE King Edward day 4

Holes were drilled, metal parts inserted, things bound together.

vernavogel mural at cSPACE King Edward day 5

Silhouettes were reshaped.


23 September 2017

mural 1

I have been commissioned to create a wall mural/installation at cSPACE King Edward.  There was a catch: they wanted an urban-themed work...

I have made very few urban paintings over the last few years, essentially because I got bored with "producing" them.  I wanted to explore more process-based approaches to making art, and that's what I've been doing.  So one of my conditions for accepting the commission was that I would do only very basic planning, allowing the process to inform the final aesthetic.

And to their credit they are fine with "subject to change" being the prevailing catchphrase.  What luck!  Of all the places in this city to create a permanent artwork, cSPACE may be tops.

vernavogel mural cSPACE, working with slavaged materials in the yard
playing around with materials in the yard

Even better: I get to work with my husband on this one.  He's mostly a landscape painter now, but he has quite a lot of building experience and he loves historical buildings.  Since we will be creatively incorporating some materials salvaged from the original building, he is an ideal partner for this project. (and for many, many reasons an ideal partner in life)

vernavogel cSPACE King Edward mural working with ideas
"subject to change"

After a few weeks of exploring ideas and materials - and waiting for the wall to be built - the underpainting has begun.

vernavogel day 1 mural painting just beginning at cSPACE King Edward
Day 1: 5pm

vernavogel mural painting end of day 1  cSPACE King Edward, Calgary Alberta
Day 1: 11pm

It sure felt good to finally get that wall covered in a first layer of paint!  I think it actually looks rather ugly at this point, but that may be because I haven't done urban stuff in awhile and I have more memory of "product" than "process" when it comes to the urban paintings.

I'm excited about the evolution of this thing, especially once we begin to involve some of the built elements.

Thanks as always for reading,