26 March 2012

let there be light

I put up some spotlights so I can see things on the back wall with fairly even lighting:

The lights are your basic clamp lamps which can take 150 watt halogen flood bulbs.  I bought some heavy-duty cupboard handles which I screwed into the ceiling studs and clamped the lamps to them.  
Then I plugged both lamps into one extension cord, and stapled all the cords to the ceiling and down the wall to the outlet so they wouldn't get in the way.  Low-tech and reasonably effective.

Another photo-based piece started.  This is one half of what will be a diptych:
laid out

 and mostly stitched in
All the lines are not stitched down yet - I need to sleep on it before I can decide exactly where to place everything.

24 March 2012

ways of seeing

Wednesday's skype portraits

oil on gesso'd 300lb paper

pencil on 80lb paper
9x12 sketchbook

Hmmm... this is starting to feel a little formulaic.  I have another skype session set for Sunday and then perhaps I will take a little break from these.

18 March 2012

mind's eye

A couple of skype portraits done this afternoon:

oil on gesso'd 300lb paper
15w x 11h

I think I'm starting to get the hang of making portraits! There is something really nice about using skype: unlike a photograph, the image on the screen is not so flat - and unlike having someone actually in my studio, I find I can relax more when it's "only online".  An interesting realization.

A finished painting, from here:

to here:

Who Will Remember Our Houses?
mixed media on stitched canvas
30w x 62h

And some progress on this one:

The strong orange shape in the middle needs to be toned down quite a bit in order to arrive at a nice sense of space.  Working with acrylic can be difficult because it dries differently from how it goes on, especially when working on raw canvas.  
Ha!  "It's not my fault; it's the paint!"  Oh the classics...
At any rate, I will figure it out and make this painting work one way or another.

Several painting streams on the go these days - feels good!

13 March 2012

a little wonder

the portraits I made via skype last night

pencil on paper
9x12 red sketchbook

oil on gesso'd 300lb paper
19 x 11"

the beat goes on

skype portraits done last week:
oil on gesso'd 300lb paper

while I was painting Anne, she was drawing me:
pencil wash on paper

old small works - 10x10 and 12x12

found a skull while hiking - in it there are many faces

06 March 2012

one thing becomes another

Happy days - I have been finishing paintings lately!  This is the part I love, when logic relaxes its grip and intuition takes over, and my brush seems to know what to do without much intervention on my part.

A piece I began in November, finished tonight:

Stained Glass
acrylic on stitched canvas
16 canvases @ 12x12" each

avec l'artiste

canvas #5

Another "raw canvas" piece finished:

mixed media on stitched canvas
2 @ 39x39" each

Second photo piece finished:

mixed media on stitched canvas
51w x 31h

And as always there are many works in progress.  Here is a sampling of 3 branches of ideas I have going at the moment.

A canvas I stitched several weeks ago, with its stretcher:

It now looks like this:

I have several paintings on the go right now which I've sealed and gesso'd prior to painting with acrylic.  I had been painting on raw canvas for the most part, but now I want to try again with acrylic on a gesso'd surface.  So far so good...

Another canvas stitched and stretched several weeks ago:

has got to this point:

This one is painted into the raw canvas, no gesso.  The middle bit will be left mostly unpainted.  I like the contrast of drawing and painting - lines and colours - on the raw canvas.

And another photo piece in progress:

The composition comes together as I move pieces around and begin stitching.

Stretched and ready for the next steps in the process!