26 July 2010

into the blue

24h x 53w
17h x 47w
So I've got these two up to here and I kinda like them like this.
But if they look good now, do I need to then pile more layers on until they are all worked up and dense and... "finished"?

8 x 9"
oil paint, oil pastel on canvas. This one is definitely finished.

Waiting for the bus after a good studio day.

17 July 2010

and then

In between gesso-ing I worked on these:

thinking somehow the colour is flat here, needs a bit of work yet.
maybe mossy greens and some more reds.... or maybe going into purples...?

this one also needs some little thing, not much now.
can't see it too well in this pic but the colour's really vibrant.

in stitches

This week I've been stitching canvases:

First came this one, nothing very different.
It's quite big at 33h x 69w

Then I thought
and began to stitch clothing tags into the next ones:

a diptych, these two measure 34h x 39w and 45w

this almost-square one measures 53h x 49w

a close-up of the tags, now all stitched up.

Today I gesso'd them all, leaving the tags uncovered.
They look interesting now, with the bits of tag colour amid the white field of gesso... how to paint? Same old same old will not do, I think. We'll see what happens.

14 July 2010

exploring the possibilities

an empire of my own begins to take shape

setting up for further oil pastel work

and the landscape has now got to this point - a little more work on the foreground and it'll be finished, I think...

02 July 2010

An Accumulation Of Changes

oil on stitched canvas
62w x 22h

Just finished yesterday, I really like this one. Now it's gotta dry for a few weeks before I put a protective isolation coat on it, then dry for a few more months before the final varnish.