20 December 2008


A couple of works that actually were finished a few months ago, and finally I have photographed them! This is not like me, usually I am much more timely in the documentation of my work. Perhaps because they are tree paintings, not cities, and I'm not sure if I'll ever show them, or where.

Three Green Trees
oil on 3 stitched canvases
10.5"h x 31.5"w

All We Need
oil on 2 stitched canvases
21.5"h x 61"w

Inspiration descending

down upon me once again and oh how nice it feels!

Seems I have been just slogging along lately... I have enough inner drive to keep at it in all weathers (so to speak) but last night - oh how nice to feel light and bubbly and humming away, painting away, unaware of time and most importantly unaware of myself.

o/c, 12 x 18", framed

o/c, 12 x 18", framed

o/c, 15 x 15", framed

Light Dance

not sure if this is quite finished, but I like where it's got to so far:

13 December 2008

Made these to cover the french doors in my sister's porch, which let in a lot of cold air. Together we hatched this plan to hang fabric from velcro strips at the top. And why just plain fabric, when I could stitch together a landscape?

I'll be sending them by mail soon, hopefully she'll get them before xmas!

09 December 2008

continuing along....

A photo I took several weeks ago:

And a few photos I took this evening:

I like those arched shapes (above), haven't used them in awhile - had almost forgotten about the simple but exciting dynamic of the humble arch!

And I love how the other two (below) are coming along! Just added the blues tonight - cobalt on the square one and pthalo on the long skinny. Plan is to do a night-city on the long one, dark sky and glowing buildings...

Progression of colour for the square one:

In fact colours are like people, aren't they: all different, and all changing depending on the colours next to them. Some are more compatible than others, and some you would think are just plain ugly, no two ways about it - but then you put that ugly colour in a different place and voilâ, it becomes beautiful! And some beautiful colours become very ugly in the wrong place, too. Really a lot like people.