30 December 2012

news from the front

I just made a facebook page:
Steel Sky Woman

This is a sort of practice for a website.  It would seem that the time is nigh for me to have a website, so that all my things can be under one roof so to speak, and so that ownership of my "stuff" will be more firmly in my hands.  

This is where I will go to set up my future website:

Kim is pretty cool.  I met her briefly in person when she did a presentation at the ASA gallery at Lougheed House here in Calgary.  
Checking out artbiz online, it seems like this may be a good choice for me.  I know a few artists who have worked with Kim and they have glowing reports about setting up their websites with her help.

2013 is setting up to be a year of forward changes for me.  Nothing too big since I tend to move slowly through life, but some exciting progressions are in the works.  

Stay tuned!

14 December 2012

a sense of scale

Ink paintings coming along quite nicely.  
I just spent some time looking at photos of artist studios and was inspired to take another photo of my own studio, and why not put me in there too.

08 December 2012

Inking it in

Started some acrylic-ink paintings on canvas.  Used absorbent ground (a Golden product) to make the surface of the canvas more like paper.
I hope to be able to build up more brilliant colour with ink + water washes.  Acrylic mediums feel thick and a bit clunky to me, and I had been thinking about watercolour painting but not wanting to have a lot of work on paper that would need framing.  
Ink washes on canvas is a new process for me, and so far it seems to be working well.

the density of pearls

Pearls...  hmmm.  Just thought of my paintings as pearls without thinking too much about it, last night.  
Now this morning it seems interesting that I came up with that one.  I've been feeling really irritated lately and painting has seemed difficult, producing more pain than pleasure.  I am, it would seem, a studio oyster!

Worked all last night and into the wee hours of morning.  These paintings are not all finished, but most are very close I'd say:

3 "Pearls" - 16 x 16" each

"You Can Take It With You" and 2 "Densities" - 20 x 20" each

07 December 2012

3 pearls

beginning here:

 getting to this point:

These are the bones.  Over them will grow skins: sheer colour layers which allow the bones to show through.  

A simple idea of making 3 paintings using the same colours but in different proportions for each one.  This is going back to the basics.
Progression or regression?  At least it is something to try.  

Put away tired heart and mind, let the body take over for awhile.

04 December 2012

you can take it with you

This is like a memory from 15 years ago.  I really enjoyed painting this - may work on it a bit more or may just leave it as it is, at least for now.  Let it sit, let it simmer.  Something is simmering in me, eventually will emerge whole.  Until then I post these bits.

acrylic on canvas
20 x 20"

the trampoline

First time in a long time that I've painted on an unstitched canvas.

Maybe a little too much red in the end...