23 April 2008

before & after

Well, I am getting to the final touches on these, so the changes from "before" to "after" are quite minimal...

A Street Divided

Whatever Leads To Joy

Bridges to Light

These are still in the middle stages, I think:

they went through several incarnations before I split them up into two separate paintings...
neither of which are quite finished yet - this is how they look now:

The Object Of Play

Building Blocks

11 April 2008

What I Did Today

Well, ok, I didn't do all this today.
Most of these paintings have been in progress for quite some time now...

That said - I did work on them all today and some have changed quite a bit since this morning. I am getting the feeling they are going to look pretty good when they are finished! That'll probably take a couple more weeks though.

Here are some before & after images.

This one has no title yet:

it can go either way...

...but I like it this way, it just feels more peaceful with some space in the middle rather than having the city all crowded together.


this one may be finished, maybe.... or very very very close....

The Gamble:

Well it was a losing gamble, putting those portrait drawings in there with my black sharpie marker... maybe the paint will cover them, though I suspect they will continue to ghost through no matter what I do.

Whatever Leads To Joy:

A Street Divided:

Oh, how nice to be finally at the point where they are starting to be close to finished! I have been going through periods of discouragement and just slogging along in the studio, adding layers and more layers, wondering where it's all going -
It always seems like things go on forever with no discernable result, and then suddenly...!

the hurdle has been put behind me


04 April 2008

some final finishing touches...

"Pattern Recognition"
oil on stitched canvas
66 x 66"

It went from here:

To here:

Can you notice the changes?
They are relatively minor.

The lighting is always difficult for this painting - I think because it is so big, and because I am not really a great photographer nor am I using a really great camera, and because it is a painting studio first and foremost, and not really properly lighted for photography, &c.

Oh, excuses!
Really it's my artist ego, insisting everyone should know that this painting looks much better in real life than it ever could here on my blog!

And here is a crop to show how the stitching looks:

03 April 2008



now looks like this:

gonna try doing it all up in chromatic greys, keeping the bright centre areas...

02 April 2008

have been working almost full-time for the last several weeks & feeling like I'm going crazy, not enough time to do everything that needs to be done.
getting a bit of painting in nonetheless.

a couple of singles & a triptych
all still in progess...

on march 13 I made a post which included this picture:

this is what they look like now:

slowly, slowly but surely...