29 July 2008


Face #8
small change with big effect:

Face #13
reworking the entire thing, almost:

I think I will call her "Nurse Betty" hee hee

24 July 2008

Facing It

I had done this a little while ago and was never really quite happy with it but not knowing exctly why.

My friend said, "the face is too flat, the shoulder cut off too sharply"
She said, "why not work back into it?"
I said, "naw...."

Later I thought about what she said, and gave it a second thought.
And then today I had some leftover paint...

There is a little glare so the colour looks a bit faded towards the top, but I think this is quite an improvement.

The best kind of friend is one who can open to you a new way of seeing. Suddenly now I see a greater possibility with these faces.
Thanks, Seka!

18 July 2008

patiently working away

so many things on the go right now
photographed these earlier today - none finished
(though some are getting close)

they look more impressive all together this way, haha!

16 July 2008

1000 Furnished Rooms

Two new little paintings

These began as acrylic works, but I got frustrated with acrylic paint's lack of maleability and turned back to oil...

oil on stitched canvas
16 x 17" each

10 July 2008

17 Faces

The last few I've done are not so great, it seems. Maybe I'm losing steam. Originally wanted to make 20 paintings of faces, but now thinking why make 20 just for the sake of doing that, if the work is not so good because I am losing interest? Or maybe I am just too impatient.

I've made simple shadow-box style frames for the ones painted on store-bought canvases, which have very shallow profiles and rough-looking edges compared to the canvases I build myself. So I think the frame is an improvement:

And then I took a photo with yours truly the artist standing beside the work to give an indication of scale:

The World is Full of Mostly Invisible Things

oil on stitched canvas
45"w x 51"h

This painting has been many things before it became what it is now...