06 December 2021

The Balance

... work in progress ...

Verna Vogel large abstract painting

Somewhere between these two iterations lies the balance.

Verna Vogel large abstract painting

I'm not sure if I have the skill to guide it there, but I'm gonna try.


28 October 2021

happiness is ... a well-fitted gallery

I am so pleased to announce that my work is now being represented by *drum roll*
The Collector's Gallery of Art

Click on the image above to view their newsletter, and to find my work and bio on their website.

This gallery, and gallerist, is so far an excellent fit for me.  

Case in point: when asked if I would like to schedule a future solo show, I replied that I don't make my best work under deadlines.  In fact, from a purely creative standpoint, I prefer when nothing is selling and nobody cares what I do (so to speak), because then I can do whatever I want!  Not: so many paintings by such-and-such a deadline.  

What I want is excellence.  Just that.  But, that.

To which this lovely gallerist replies: no problem, how about you bring us paintings from time to time and we'll keep a few aside every now and again, and when we have enough set aside we'll put on a show for you.

No pressure!  I'm sure my shoulders visibly relaxed.  Yep, I'm one of those people *laughs*  

It's been such a long time since I posted to this blog.  I've a feeling things will continue to be intermittent over here, as I seem to have shifted most of my images and thoughts over to *gasp* instagram! (hereafter referred to as i-g)  Link in sidebar.

i-g: I'm gonna, it's groovy, it'll getcha.  ... iguana.

Thank you dear Reader, for reading.  Your interest in my work is, always and ever, so appreciated.

25 May 2021

Another new blog post on my website blog:


Soon it will be possible to sign up to receive posts via email, and also leave comments, again!  

Meanwhile I can post the links here.  Apologies for the hassle, but hey, at least there is a temporary workaround, right?

Thanks for your continued interest, and hope to be able to see you at my website blog soon :)

14 January 2021


Happy New Year!  The solstice has passed, and we continue to move toward the light.  While things may seem rather dark in the immediate environs, I am focussing on the light which I know will increase, because nothing ever doesn't change.

I am working on building a new website.  Very exciting, very good focus for 2021.
Someone else is doing the framework for me, and I have been going through years' worth of images, deciding what to load into my new site, and how to organize everything.  20+ years of very productive art-making: it's a lot of images!

Here are a few which hold a nice nostalgia for me.

My very first studio back in the 1990's.  I was so happy!

The indestructible fig tree.
This plant has been with me also 20+ years

Downtown Calgary studio, ca. 2008
where art sales took off, enabling me to paint full-time

examples of the work I was making at that time

beautiful tools of the trade

A new direction in its infancy

basement studio ca. 2012

beautiful tools of the trade

a studio must contain a living plant or two :)

trying for asymmetrical symmetry

beautiful tools of the trade

symmetry of a different sort

making rocks for an installation piece, ca. 2016

garage studio ca. 2017

yes, I love my brushes

direction of current work

"The Creative Brain"
An art-school-era response for the assignment: create an artist toolbox.
It continues to bubble away, lighting up both artist and studio with the joy of creation.

There are, of course, many, many more photos of studio, work in process, land arts, installation arts, residencies, arts education, exhibitions etc.  You can find some of them here on this blog which dates from 2006, if you scroll through the history in the sidebar.

Soon I will have a new blog embedded in my new website, but I'll leave this blogspot one up for the archives :)

Thanks as always, dear Reader, for your time.