29 October 2009

studio table

I'll bet if I chopped up my table the resulting "paintings" would sell for a lot more than the stuff I slave over every day, haha!

28 October 2009

my morning face

Stitched the canvas yesterday, stretched it first thing this morning. Took the photo before I was fully awake.
By now it is gesso'd and tomorrow - underpainting!

25 October 2009

The walls...

...are full of works in progress!
Like these:

Feels like I'm finally getting used to working without the *toxic* alkyd medium! The new glazes take a bit longer to dry, but starting with a more complete underpainting helps to balance the slow drying time.

And then there are some very small things, like these:

this one's about 9x12"
I'm thinking it's finished now.

Side view - there's always something around the corner!

And a few new starts. These are all 8x10:

thick paint

thin paint

more thin paint

Got some ideas, wanna try small versions first. Here we go....!

12 October 2009

Here And Where

oil on 6 stitched canvases
18 x 102"

each one measures 18 x 17"

this one keeps changing... wonder if it'll ever be finished?

and here I am with 6 underpaintings.

03 October 2009

Can I do a little more?



Tweaked this a bit. Liking it.

Really liking this one!