27 February 2010

All We Need

These paintings have been accepted into a group exhibition at the Triangle Gallery, a non-profit public gallery here in town. Yay!!
And there I am hanging them.

For more info about the gallery, visit http://trianglegallery.com

24 February 2010

2 hours

was all I had to work in the studio today, and this is what I did:

Actually this is an older painting that never sold so I decided to rework it. Deepen the colour, increase the contrast a bit.
Can't find any pics of the former incarnation, though - maybe when I cleaned out my files I accidentally got rid of it? So much for organization. Anyway there you have it, what I did today.

18 February 2010


Large painting, small painting, large painting, small painting....
- inhale, exhale -
It's a nice rhythm.

Door Type ll
(cs #15)
architectural drawings, oil on canvas
12 x 18"

(cs #16)
architectural drawings, oil on canvas
12 x 18"

10 February 2010

a hard day's work

Painted all day and this is what I have to show for it!

This looks somehow messy...

Hauled out an old one and decided to re-work it a bit.

Now they dry for a week or so and then I can work back into them!

05 February 2010

04 February 2010

sit awhile

Another small one - 15 x 15"
Not sure if it's finished yet.... just wait a bit.

I'm on a mission to use up all my old bits of paint, including student-quality stuff from *gasp* at least 12 years ago. It's great that oil paint basically never goes bad in the tube, but that's no excuse to keep it around for so long!

Just these 3 tubes made all the colours in a couple of new underpaintings. Neat-o.