28 September 2008

something a little different

I have been thinking I'd like to make some stitched canvases that are simpler, kind of landscape-ish but still with that structural stuff going on...
Been working on these for a couple of months, still not sure about them.

26 September 2008

in stitches

This is what I have been doing for the last few days:

And this is what I have to show for it:

Today I will seal and gesso these canvases.
Already I have some idea of how to begin the painting - excitement!

22 September 2008

Zones 1 & 2

Oil on stitched canvas. Forgot the measurements, both are somewhere about 13"w x 15-16"h.
Found the frames & stretchers in the "free" area of the common hallway. Took them apart and re-squared them, and voilĂ !
First time I've ever framed a stitched painting. I like it.

Urban Velocity

oil on stitched canvas
57"w x 38"h

Tried to calm down the sky a bit - still it's a very busy painting.
What a struggle with this one!
Perhaps I just have to accept it as is, just leave it.

Move on with other work.


Well I am liking this one a lot - always the struggle between "I like it" and "but it looks unfinished".

So what constitutes a finished painting?

It is so easy to overwork things... I see other artists' works which are very loose and gestural, paint drips &c. and I really like them, but then with my own work I have this idea of how it should look "finished" - perhaps this idea is too rigid sometimes.

Light In September

oil on stitched canvas
31"w x 29.5"h

Ladder #17

oil on stitched canvas
10.5 x 10.5"

Velocity (phase 3)

oil on stitched canvas
42"w x 32"h

02 September 2008

on the go

All these works are on the go, and so am I - leaving tonight to spend 11 days in Ontario with my mom.

quite close to being finished:

somewhere mid-way:

the simple approach:

just starting to get excited about this one:

So now I can relax while I'm visiting mom, knowing that I've worked my butt off in the last 2 weeks!

busy busy bee

Now it looks like this:

Not sure if better or just busier...
My head is very busy right now, and this is being reflected in my work!