30 August 2009

in the real world?

I just can't seem to stay excited about painting from the photographs.
It's very limiting.
But my hope is that the excercise will prove worth it in the end.... it's all about vocabulary, right?

26 August 2009

20 August 2009

I have a plan

The plan is to stitch canvases for all 12 of the stretchers I built a couple of weeks ago, before I begin to paint on any of them...
Usually I stitch a few, begin painting, stitch some more, &c. Now I want to try working in a more concentrated way.

57 x 62"

25 x 57"

34 x 67"

only 6 more to go!

and "studio rosie" watches over all...

13 August 2009

painting on location

at Axis Contemporary Art Gallery in Calgary, AB

working from photographs
acrylic on canvas


None of this is finished yet.

from here:

to here:

to here:

"in time"
getting closer now

"light traffic"
maybe a few tweaks yet...