26 September 2014


Quite awhile since I made a blog post.  I've been doing a bit of writing in the last few weeks, and have spent a bit less time in the studio.  

While in the studio, I've been engaged in the processes for completing work, such as final coats of clear medium and varnish, finishing edges, wiring backs, updating the inventory book - all those little things that need to be done to make the work gallery-ready.

The writing has been focussed on a residency application for ArtScape, and also on collecting my thoughts in preparation for finding another gallery.  Since AXIS closed I have not made any inquiries into a replacement gallery, feeling I needed to give my work some space to develop without pressure.  This proved to be a very good decision for the first half of 2014 - but now it begins to feel like procrastination.  The time has come to make some forays.

It's an interesting rhythm of solitary studio time interspersed with the need to communicate and get the work out there.

And now for some pretty pictures.  :)

Went out painting last weekend.  Photographing the process did not even occur to me at the time! - but I did photograph the finished work on location:

Above: in the field.
Below: tweaked a bit after returning home.

The main change was to the line of trees at lower left.  Also made some subtle changes in the middle bit - reduced the curvy mown-field lines and some small adjustment to the middle trees.

And a nice view of fence posts across the road from where I was painting.

In the studio, besides gallery-ready work, there are 2 new "Snapshot" pieces underway.  Number 15:

verna vogel
initial sketch

steel sky woman
stitched & stretched

verna vogel
and ... pause

While that one is on pause, I begin #16:

steel sky woman
"Edifice" initial sketch

verna vogel
some layout

steel sky woman
stitched and stretched and ready for painting

Probably because I'm feeling pressure to find another gallery and have not yet done so, in this last month I've felt like I've accomplished next to nothing.  Making this entry, I see that is not true.  
Hmmm.  So here we have two important functions of maintaining this blog, hey: it keeps things in perspective, and it keeps me focussed on what I need to do.

Until next time,