31 March 2011

spring rain

hand-held out-of-focus shot - but I am feeling excited about this one so here it is.
better pic later.

23 March 2011

around the corner

So I've been working on these larger pieces, based on photographs I've taken around Calgary. Still in progress, here they are in all their unfinished glory.

Here the colour definitely has to be knocked back! But often a bright underpainting gives the work more life in the end.
based on the upper photo here:

Only just begun this one, a good start too. I've worked on it quite a bit since - updated photos soon.
based on the lower photo here:

Not sure how well the larger size translates for the photo-based image, but I'll keep working away and suspend judgement until they're finished!

hi ho silver!

Well this is neat: here are 4 finished paintings in just a few weeks!
I'm hoping this work will go into a show at the Front Gallery this autumn.


acrylic on canvas
43w x 41h

No Small Thing
acrylic on canvas
36w x 48h

acrylic on stitched canvas
45w x 25h

Time Change
acrylic on canvas
49w x 29h

I've decided not to worry about whether it's "the same old stuff" and just go with what I love doing: I love painting in this semi-abstract way, playing with colour & form, creating depth or flatness as my whims take me.

"The world needs you to find out what makes you come alive, and then to go and do it, whatever it is."


05 March 2011

oh no!

Well, I seem to have figured out how to make pretty much exactly the same kind of paintings with acrylic as I used to make with oil.
This was not the plan! The plan was to experiment and try new things!
OK, well, so this new thing is about the medium - acrylic paint - and I have proved to myself that I can make this type of work with it:

And now I need to do something else, expand my painting (style? process?) lest I get bored.

Here are some newly built stretchers:

They measure 30x31.5" and on them I am going to do the aforementioned "something else". Just wait & see!

Look what I found at the bus stop - only to be seen by standing in one specific place, in a certain window of time when the sun shines just so:

hee hee
love yourself!