26 November 2017

Tension : No Tension.... the lead-up

I find it's a little nerve-wracking, you know, to have an exhibition for which there is no clearly defined plan.  It's a case of going into the space and seeing what I can make in a week... 

tension : no tension exhibition of string drawings by verna vogel artpoint gallery calgary

... a week during which I'll also be teaching an art class, working a shift at the store, meeting with the printer about a new catalogue for the next G9 exhibition.  

How I wish I could have the whole week uninterrupted!  No classes, no meetings, no customers!  Visions of getting into a meditative contemplative relaxed place from which to create this installation, this murkily perfect form in my head; to create something magnificent.

But, no.  There is always life which never stands still.  And perhaps that's a good thing... compressed moments of contemplative imagination are more precious and so more keenly appreciated, and this gives the art - and the life - its power.

tension : no tension exhibition of string drawing by verna vogel at artpoint gallery calgary alberta canada

As they say: " Join the club."  It's a pretty good club, all things considered.

Thanks for reading, and wish me luck!

24 November 2017

Greenbook: continuing adventures

I am coming to really love working in sketchbooks.  Perhaps some of this work will lead to more paintings and perhaps not; it doesn't matter.  The sketchbook becomes a thing in itself.  

greenbook pages 6-7 circles, painting, drawing, colourful, blue yellow ochre
drawing: white China marker
gouache: cobalt blue + lemon yellow + raw sienna + white

greenbook pages 8-9 circles, painting, drawing, sketchbook, yellow red blue black depth
drawing: purple & yellow felt pens
gouache: quin red + cobalt blue + lemon yellow + white
black india ink

greenbook pages 12-13 circles painting drawing purple violet yellow ochre brown sketchbook
drawing: black Sharpie paint marker
Inktense pencils: various colours
gouache: cobalt blue + quin red + raw sienna + white

20 November 2017

greenbook 2-5

A green clothbound 5x5 sketchbook, purchased some months ago.

green sketchbook marker and gouache drawing on paper 5x5 inches red and green and in between

Finally opened yesterday and colour explorations begun.

green sketchbook 5x5 marker and gouache on paper blue red yellow and all they contain

What fun!