30 June 2009

facing it

Back in the studio after a couple of weeks' holiday... starting with some little things like these portraits which I have never really liked. Was intending to pull the canvas off and re-use the stretchers, but then decided to try painting over first.


and after:

an older self-portrait to which I added the city:

and some small change to this one:

05 June 2009

3 job-free days

All that paint will be wet for awhile, so today I aim to build some stretchers, and maybe stitch a new canvas. Then back to the job for 5 days.

03 June 2009

City Sketch #10

oil on canvas
12 x 18"



first paint layer:

today's progress:

thick paint!

Not having a printer at home, I could not print this photo today to have at the studio for reference, but it was my memory's inspiration for the following new starts:

10 x 10"

9 x 12"

12 x 18"

ideas, ideas...

01 June 2009

Dream Weavers

What formerly looked like this:

Now looks like this:

Perhaps finished, at least very close.

The colours come out really nice when it's lying down flat - for some reason it doesn't look nearly as good when it's hanging on the wall! Yeah, ok, lighting direction & all, but most other works haven't shown this much difference.