28 September 2009

over & under

Ecosystems #4



So that's the underpainting.
When the glazing is finished, the stitching will still be visible as a sort of raised drawing that seems to float just above the surface of the canvas, but is actually underneath the colours.

Ecosystems #5

First glaze: quinacridone magenta. Liking how it mixes with the various colours of the underpainting.

27 September 2009


My hubby's out of town for a few days and what do I do? Immediately switch to working nights - 7pm to 1am suits me just fine!
I've been feeling inspired and productive.

First I did another underpainting.

Then I added light green lines to these.

Same green added here.

Yet more of the same green! Ok, I mixed too much. But it does seem to work nicely on the various paintings.

Tomorrow I have to be at my job, luckily not until noon.

25 September 2009

thin line


oil on canvas
35 x 62"


acrylic on canvas
10 x 10"

little tweaks

So I'm thinking these are finished now.

Resonance I
oil on stitched canvas
24 x 30"

Resonance II
oil on stitched canvas
24 x 30"

19 September 2009

Calgary Artwalk 2009

Day 1 over. Whew.
I love having the open studio during Artwalk, but also very glad it happens only once a year!

My little wall display of "City Sketch" paintings. I've never shown them all together like this before, and it was nice to get a bit of appreciative feedback.

15 September 2009

zip zing zoom!

Sub Culture

oil on stitched canvas
37 x 58"


oil on 2 stitched canvases
75 x 45"

imagery & imagination

Autumn is coming and I love the quality of the light! So I stand in the street and take photos like this:

And the following are works in progress.

these have some way to go yet:

this one is looking quite good, maybe just needs a few tweaks:

loving the colours here, but not sure where to go with it - it will have to just sit for awhile:

09 September 2009

04 September 2009


only three more to stitch now...

34 x 67"

35 x 62"

26 x 57"

41 x 71"

03 September 2009

On The Grid

acrylic on stitched canvas
12 x 12" each

So I'm thinking these are finished.
Liking them hung in the grid formation - like city streets.
The colours are so unusual for me. I do vastly prefer a brighter palette!

Still, however, this has been an interesting excercise: working with photographs and also working with acrylic paint.
I discovered that acrylics work better for me on raw, unprimed canvas. Also learned a few things about depth of space.
Most importantly I learned that trusting in the sponteneity of my imagination is a lot more fun than adhering to a pre-developed image!

01 September 2009


ok, so I'm sticking with it.

First I draw them out like this.
Then I will paint them with watered-down acrylic on the raw canvas.

There are 10 little canvases in total for this series.