29 April 2011

we share air

So I stitched another canvas with various coloured yarns and threads, and have begun drawing on it, using soft pencil, charcoal and gesso:

I am liking the simplicity of this. Really enjoying drawing again - but also the very shallow surface and lack of detail makes me a bit uncomfortable. Feels unfinished. Could work it up more... I will let it sit awhile and see if a little time alters my view.

Meanwhile another colourful painting is finished:

Play of Light
acrylic on stitched canvas
45w x 33h

21 April 2011

some I like, some I don't

His glasses are disconcertingly not right! I want to go over the background colour, maybe I can fix it then.

13 April 2011

one painter painting

While I was painting the "looking out" portrait, my sitter took this photo of me:

He adjusted a bit in photshop, I love the dramatic but subtle effects. Thanks Christian!

12 April 2011


4 new paintings underway. 3 are not stitched.
Kind of nice working on plain smooth canvas!

bug on

Well I have got the portrait bug on!

Looking Out

Changes One

Been doing one per week or so... wonder where it will lead?

05 April 2011

goings on

portrait of a friend done 3 days ago

oil on canvas

portrait of my husband done last december

One Painter Painting
oil on canvas

and a better photo of this lovely new work!

Spring Rain
acrylic on stitched canvas
51w x 37h
There are 5 grommets in this one, can you see them?