27 November 2015

all this beauty is in you

It has recently come to my attention about a thing called the mourning moon.  Very interesting.  Here's a link to some information and a lot of beautiful photos.

verna vogel
All This Beauty Is In You
acrylic on canvas, 10x10"

A few years ago I made this painting for a friend, and just now came across the image again.  How serendipitous.  It's a very appropriate image for the time of the mourning moon, aesthetically and also the title, don't you think?

19 November 2015

Bluerock Gallery

I am very pleased to announce that my work is now being represented by Bluerock Gallery in Black Diamond, AB.  This gallery carries gorgeous textile, ceramic and sculptural artworks as well as fine paintings.  I am in good company here.

bluerock gallery albertabluerock gallery alberta

My "Resonance" series can be viewed at the gallery in person or online:
my page on the Bluerock Gallery website.

12 November 2015


Circular cardboard templates sure come in handy.


small oil paintings

When canvas has been soaked with water, wrung out and hung to dry, it develops wrinkles.  Stretching the canvas and applying gesso does not remove the wrinkles... what to do?  Go for the layered look and make the paint look wrinkly too.

small oil paintings

small oil paintings

I worked on 8 of the small oil paintings earlier this week.  6 are now finished; ideally 3 more will be finished by the end of the month.

small oil paintings

In the acrylic world:

resonance 2

Not sure how I feel about these yet.  Each 20x33 inches and still in progress.

resonance 2

And then one frosty morning I became aware of seemingly hordes of spiders living in the spruce boughs.  

steel sky woman

This made my spirit feel very happy.