18 March 2010

an ongoing chaos

Feels like too much on the go!
I put nails in the beams to hang works, they need light for the oil to cure properly... what am I doing? There are 21 paintings in various states of completion all over the studio. This is crazy.
But I am preparing to have a solo show - yippee!! - so I need to produce the work, and the work needs to cure before I can varnish it for the show.

Ah, I am overwhelmed lately.
We bought a house and have been renovating for the last few months. Feels like we've been camping for months on end. My head is busy, busy, I can't sleep. At this moment the house is an albatross but soon it will emerge a swan! However, living in the present as I do it's hard to see past the albatross sometimes.

Yesterday I went into the studio very early and worked on flower paintings. How nice. No pressure with those. Met a friend for lunch. Ran some errands. Went back to our albatross and continued with the slow process of transformation. Took some photos at various times of the day.

looking west and east down the alley behind the studio, 7:45am

just around the corner from the bus stop, 3:30pm

06 March 2010

To find a specific interest in a common reality -
To create universal beauty in a specific reality -
This is the mission given to artist

part of a quote I found on this website:

05 March 2010

A Clear Stratosphere

oil on stitched canvas
62 x 34"

This one has been a real struggle! I don't think I can make it any better than it is now. Just leave it...

Re-enter And Re-enter

oil on stitched canvas
71 x 41"

03 March 2010


Had a great day in the studio today - a day of finishing paintings! Yay!!! Sometimes I go for months making lots of new starts but not finishing anything. Then, all of a sudden it seems, everything comes together. A lovely "swoosh" of euphoric happiness!

Following are images of the stitched canvas, initial underpaintings, and finished works.

Magic Makers
oil on stitched canvas
64 x 34"

Glittering Threads
oil on stitched canvas
40 x 54"

A Memory Of People Before Us
oil on stitched canvas
54 x 56"

A couple of pretty pics of sunlight falling on the paintings &c.