16 March 2017

JP x 2

Two portraits:

ipad portrait of Jean Pederson

one made on an ipad, the other made with ink and gouache on paper.

marker and goauche on paper, 9x12

My sitters share initials: both are JP

05 March 2017


Since last July I've been working, incrementally, on a 3D art piece.  The final bits are now coming together.

verna vogel fragile planets
verna vogel fragile planets

Last week in the studio I made rocks out of air-drying clay and then painted them.

Making the rocks was a very meditative process.  In fact, all the parts of this project have been meditative, I suppose naturally so since there is a great deal of repetition in the individual parts.  

verna vogel fragile planets

The best thing has been how my brain has been going off in various directions as I create this 3D thing.  

verna vogel fragile planets

Above: my working table.

Below: a thing made with some of the leftover bits.

verna vogel fragile planets

Looks kind of tribal, doesn't it?  I don't know what it is, but I like how it moves in the breeze when the window is open.

Next month I'll be installing the finished work in the Western GM Gallery in Drumheller.  I'm feeling excited and also a bit nervous, hoping the effect of the work will be interesting in the gallery space.

verna vogel fragile planets