29 March 2020

a time to ruminate and consider

I've been making a lot of colourful paintings lately.

Looking around after a full day early last week, I liked what i saw and made a quick pan of the finished and in-progress work on the walls.

"upon leaving the studio"

Later in the week, I realized I needed to prepare some more canvases.  Stretching, sealing and then gesso-ing canvases is a pleasant job, a time to ruminate and consider work done, work in progress and work to come.  

I prepared 3 canvases.  The first two prepped as outlined above, and a third which I sealed, but did not gesso.  Here is what happened to it:

verna vogel aka steel sky woman preparing canvases in her studio
blind drawing

verna vogel aka steel sky woman first stages of charcoal on canvas more like drawing than painting
darks and shading

verna vogel aka steel sky woman, abstract painting in studio.
lights and just a bit of colour

I'm not sure whether this is finished, but I'm definitely leaving it for now.  I really like drawing look of it.

Here, as everywhere, we are isolated.  After a few warm and sunny spring days, the weather has turned grey and cool, and my body feels a slight tightening and queasiness of pressure headache.  Is it possible to have a mild migraine?  I'll have to look that up.

In keeping with the weather, it seems I have gone from bright colour to almost no colour in the studio.  The grey cool isolated days feel a bit energy-sapping, but the lone grey cool painting in the studio excites my imagination.  
It is waiting...