30 November 2007

another self

Made this one about 5.30am, after a very productive all-nighter in the studio.

Leftover paint from my night's work + someone's discarded canvas (a landscape) found in the trash bin next to the communal studio sink. Great way to recycle materials...!

these eyes

were cropped out of several self-portraits & pasted into one picture in photoshop - my favourite computer program!

22 November 2007

a tree for mother

...well, several trees, really.
& not finished either!
they had become very ugly & uninspired, so I painted over all with pale blue & began again.
a good start, I think, and I will be more careful this time round!

variations on a theme

autumn on the hill:

3 green trees:

2 yellow trees:

none of them great photographs, and perhaps only the 3 green trees finished - but what the hell, I feel like posting them anyway tonight!


...from there to here:

oil on stitched canvas
27 x 27cm

16 November 2007

xmas cards already!

So, tonight I have begun making this year's xmas cards. Coloured paper, scissors, glue stick, bits of satin ribbon, coloured & metallic pens...
It's a fun break from studio work - still creating visual images but with very different materials from the usual alchemy of oil paints, and with no thought whatsoever as to the archival quality of the end product!

07 November 2007


rather an out-of-focus photograph of a very small canvas, still in progress, which has hit the point of
"ahhh! now I see it!"

06 November 2007


oil on stitched canvas
71 x 33"
180 x 85cm

building the skyline

The first colour glazes:

Really liking the basic shapes laid down here.

Then, adding red shapes & thinking "oh no, way too bright!"

ok, some purples & other colours...

then a bit more detail, yeah, like I need more detail on all those seams, right

Opaline II

oil on stitched canvas
68 x 38"
175 x 95cm