25 February 2012

1 hour and 56 minutes

Quite a lot of talking and a little bit of painting via skype last night

1. oil on gesso'd 300lb paper

2. oil on gesso'd 300lb paper

3. graphite pencil on 80lb paper


this way

old paintings, new frames, evolving artist

22 February 2012

get your kicks on route 766

The 766 is a road with consistently lovely views - one can stop pretty much anywhere along it and find something to paint!



   The sky was just phenomenal today, wind-whipped purple clouds and that yellowy light that sometimes infuses the atmosphere... my old camera cannot capture it.  However, I think I'm getting better at painting the skies out here.  
   I've been paying more attention to the colours, trying to get them accurately, and using a more dry-brushing type of technique which seems to be working well.

and here photographed on my studio wall:

20 February 2012


Finished a painting yesterday:

When Things Happen, They Happen All Over
acrylic and mixed media on stitched canvas
72.5"w x 27"h

Eight new stretchers meditating on their future:

They are small - 9x9" - and I will prepare canvas on them for more open-air landscape painting... 

06 February 2012


 a proper photo of today's landscape:

oil on canvas, diptych
9w x 18h

After making the landscape I had paint left over, so I mixed it all together into a lovely grey and completely worked over an old painting until I got this:

oil on stitched canvas
10.5 x 10.5"

05 February 2012

highway 766

another open air painting trip

 set-up: was planning to paint a horizontal landscape...

...but wound up going vertical 

Very happy I did!
Vertical format allowed me to get the layers of prairie distance, which is what really intrigues me about this country.  

What the sky behind me looked like as I was finishing up

Out the window on the way home - lovely evening skies and mountaintops obscured by cloud