18 December 2010

tying up loose ends

Still a lot of unfinished city paintings in the studio. I rarely seem to have the energy to work on them these days, but gradually they are being finished.


So Much Can Be Replaced
70w x 33h

02 December 2010


In July 2010 I made a post titled "in stitches" That was the first stage of these paintings. Now they've got to here. There is something interesting going on, but they feel still incomplete. Maybe my colours need to be more refined for this colour field idea to really work...

The colours are built up with several glaze layers, the subtleties of which are not evident on a computer screen.
And there is a spot on my camera lens.

time is the key

Yesterday I went to the studio again after a few weeks off. First thing I did was photograph a few paintings that were finished some time ago, plus this one which I did very recently:

The Untitled Art Society is having a show called "Re-gifted" in which participants are asked to make an art piece out of something that has been given to them. This is mine - a framed print that was really not to our taste, painted over with acrylics and re-inserted into its frame. It looks a bit more interesting now.

oil on stitched canvas
29w x 57h approx.

oil on stitched canvas
34w x 62h

oil on stitched canvas
40w x 42h
I've posted some pics of this one in progress - now here it is completed. Photo is really too dark, but you get the idea.