28 November 2012

engaged hands

Sometimes when my hands are engaged my mind is free to explore, peruse, think things through.  This has been the case today.  I can show you now the result of the hands' labour:

Christmas cards!

The mind's ponderings are mainly invisible, although there may be some visible effect on the actions of the hands further down the road.

26 November 2012

On foot I had to walk through the solar systems

On foot
I had to walk through the solar systems
until I found the first thread of my red dress.
Already, I sense myself.
Somewhere in space hangs my heart,
sparks fly from it, shaking the air,
to other reckless hearts.

poem written by Edith Sodergran and translated by Stina Katchadourian

painting by yours truly
acrylic on panel, 12 x 16 inches, framed

21 November 2012

a winter's tale

stepping outside after a long work day
to inhale the shock of cold pure night air
it's been snowing all day and the whole world is white 
reflective among evergreens
and in the low glow of sky
I stand in the yard until I'm shivering, thinking
this is the life

13 November 2012


Another plein air painting jaunt.  The weather turned nasty while we were out, with howling winds and blowing snow and plummeting temperatures.  But we persevered!  This may be the fastest plein air painting I've ever done, ha.

snow falling on my work

let there be light!

... but what you love are those who do work and feel thirst.
You love most of all those who need you
as they need a crowbar or a hoe.

improved studio lighting underway
 Prep: protecting my stuff with vapour barrier stapled around the shelves.

Holes cut, lights installed, wiring connected

Stuff piled up at the other end of the studio

02 November 2012

east meets west

Another photo-stitched painting well under way.  Photo is of Toronto streets, and the background shape is meant to look/feel a bit like Vancouver.  Trying to get an effect of layered urban and natural landscape, not sure if this is it though... perhaps too many hard lines?  

where it began

where it went

under warm lights

This painting will be put aside for a little while, I will work on some other things and come back to it with fresh eyes.