18 February 2009

busy bee!

A very good studio day today.

First C came to the studio with her cello and I did some quick sketches:

and a rather awkward painted portrait:

china marker & oil on canvas
20 x 20"

Then I worked on this city a bit, it's getting quite close I think:

And then with some leftover green I did this, just as easy as pie:

"Beyond The Violet Rays"

oil on stitched canvas
24 x 24"

I love it when a painting finishes up seemingly effortlessly. This one has been languishing for some time, then yesterday I put on the light purple sky, today a bit of dark red and that green and it just feels like a great big "whoosh" with a smile.

1 comment:

Beena said...

I love the portraits Verna...indeed you have been a busy bee