06 February 2009


My co-worker wanted to do an extended figure painting, and I have become increasingly interested in doing portraits again, so we agreed to do a posing/painting exchange.

For this project we used the Untitled Arts Society gallery space, which has a "bare walls" open time between scheduled exhibitions. Artists can apply to use the space during these between times to work on individual or group projects. This creates a more dynamic community gallery feeling, and reduces the amount of bare wall space in between exhibitions!

3 days of this was very intense and exhausting! But the results were worth it:


Beena said...

Oh nice. You'll have to post pics of all of them close up.

Axl T. Ernst said...

What an insanely clever use of the space between exhibitions... The gallery definitely has the right idea merging studio practice with professional exhibition space.

Great concept for a project. I keep thinking I want to do something similar too! This is great inspiration.

Verna Vogel said...

hi Cina - yes, I will.

glad this inspired you, Ernst!
yeah, I thought it was a marvellous idea, too.
if take this up, send me link about your project!